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LD Trans detine si opereaza propria flota de camioane, ceea ce asigura flexibilitate în satisfacerea nevoilor de transport ale clientilor nostri. Parcul nostru auto cuprinde vehicule bine echipate si aproximativ 2200 mp, pe care se afla garajul si un depozit, ceea ce confera un mare avantaj in vederea fluidizarii operatiunilor de transport marfa.


Toate autoutilitarele noastre îndeplinesc cele mai recente standarde tehnologice. Acest lucru garanteaza livrare rapida si in sigurantă pentru marfa dumneavoastra. In plus, dispunem de urmarime prin GPS pentru mai multa siguranta si respectarea termenelor stabilite.


 Toate vehiculele noastre sunt acoperite de asigurare CMR in valoare de 150.000 ce acoperă pierderea totală ori parţială a mărfii sau avarierea acesteia, din momentul primirii până la predare. Inca un motiv in plus pentru a alege increzatori serviciile noastre.

Handling and Storage Goods

LD Trans SRL offers complete storage, handling and distribution services through the warehouse located in Sibiu as follows:

• Storage of palletized goods (pallet height max.1,80m), storage per square meter and cubic meter
• Handling of goods palletised and unpalletized
• Folding pallets
• Labeling
• Management and stock management through a computerized system tailored to the needs of our customers
• Countrywide distribution with cars tailored to any needs

Every client is unique and special for LD Trans Sibiu

This is our motto since the first customer.
That is why we offer freight transport services specially designed to meet your specific needs, our needs and exigencies being our priority. The determination and seriousness with which we operate is evidenced by our rapid ascent.

In 1999, LD Trans began working with a single 3.5-tonne payload, reaching a fleet of 17 vehicles today. However, we consider that the size of the fleet does not matter, but the efficiency with which it operates. Regardless of the type and size of the goods, the LD Trans objective is to provide competitive transport services tailored to the needs of our customers, while maintaining the highest degree of SAFETY and QUALITY.

Our trucks have transited across Europe, reaching countries such as England, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, making thousands of satisfied customers. All shipments are tracked by GPS and loaded cargo is secured.



LD Trans owns and operates its own fleet of trucks, which ensures flexibility in meeting the transport needs of our customers. Our car park includes well-equipped vehicles and approximately 2200 square meters, which has a garage and a warehouse, which gives a great advantage in order to streamline freight transport operations.


All our vans meet the latest technology standards. This guarantees fast and secure delivery for your merchandise. Additionally, we have tracking through GPS for more safety and compliance with set deadlines.


All our vehicles are covered by 150,000 CMR insurance covering the total or partial loss of the cargo or damage, from receipt to delivery. One more reason to choose our services.

Why us?


We are a young team, well motivated and ready to respond quickly to your requests. Upon request, we provide 2-wagon vans for a minimum transit time.


Freight security is guaranteed by cargo insurers for goods owners who offer compensation up to 150,000 euros for damages, destruction or loss of insured goods.


We identify, analyze and offer the best solutions to offer you the best price on the market and the confidence that your merchandise is safe at all times.



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